Our Tabora team currently consists of 28 local paid employees. Proudly employing; coordinators, teachers, caretakers, cooks, night watchmen and more.

Their hard work, drive and enthusiasm are a vital part of keeping the day centres open for our children.



N'gambo Centre Coodinator: Beatrice Lewanga



Isevya Centre Coodinator: Magdalena Kauzeni



Chem Chem Centre Coodinator: Jenesta Josephat



Assistant Centre Coordinator and Librarian:

Charles Simon





 Sandy Bharat

Anna Brohan

 Meg Brohan

 Siobhan Collins

Siwan Griffiths

James Howson

Joshua Lewis

Margaret Paton

Robina Richter

Dave Scott

Leopold Sutton

Joanna Vinall




Teresa Ankin 

Crissy Berry

Tamsin Bradley

Jo Dawson

Miranda Holmes

Kate Miers

Kate O'Brien

Terry Richter

Pippa Rollins

Penny Smith

Beth Tomkinson

Marion Windsor

UK Charity No - 1141239

TZ NGO - 00NGO/00004850

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