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  • £5 buys a large mosquito net that will cover 3 sleeping children.

  • £10 buys a water purifying bucket

  • £15 buys some school books for extra tuition given daily at our centres.

  • £25 buys everything a child needs to gain admission to free primary school:

    • 2 shirts, shorts/skirts, socks, shoes, school bag, pencils and exercise books. 

  • £50 buys 100kgs of rice for the nourishing meals served daily.

  • £75 buys daily tuition sessions after school for one secondary child for a year. 

  • £94 Buys necessary starter packages for Government secondary day school for one scholar.

  • £100 pays the wages of the cook for 2 months

  • £257 cover the childrens medical expenses for a year

  • £500 buys a brick and cement latrine (toilet) and prevents cholera

  • £704 buys necessary starter packages for Government secondary boarding school for one scholar, ideal for some scholars whose home life does not give them any opportunity for study.

  • £1000 buys a concrete rain water tank for Ng'ambo and Chem Chem so that water does not have to be purchased during the rainy season.

  • £1,688 buys the salary of one part time teacher for 5 years for children's lessons after school. Their classes have well over 100 students so many need a bit of individual attention.


Your options are open: You can get in touch for more information. Make a donation today via PayPal by clicking the 'Donate Now' button below. Fill out our Gift aid form with a donation and return to the given address.

Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to:

Name: ' Tabora League for Children Ltd'           Account Number: 63693430          Sort Code: 20-97-48

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